Carrie Cussons

This year, we have a lot to celebrate.

The Halifax Convention Centre once again exceeded all business and financial performance targets. Together, our venues drove a combined economic impact of $124M for businesses in our province. We brought the world to Halifax with local, national and international events, and we welcomed in our community.

By meeting our core measures and impact targets, the Halifax Convention Centre created vibrancy downtown and generated impacts across the province. We were thrilled to see local businesses, hotels, tourism operators, suppliers, and producers thriving. We were so proud to bring more than 95,000 visitors from all over the world to Halifax to experience the best in Maritime hospitality, and we encouraged visitors to stay longer, explore further, and return to Nova Scotia again and again. With the excellence of our teams, we continue to build on our reputation as an amazing destination, an exciting place to do business, and a wonderful place to grow.

As Nova Scotia grows, we grow with it. This includes continuing to attract national and international conferences year-round, supporting our strong industry sectors like oceans, life sciences, clean technology and more, and creating more opportunities for our local community to experience our venue.

We are also so proud of our teams who deliver our events with professionalism, passion, and a commitment to service excellence; these teams help us create an accessible, inclusive, and welcoming Centre. We are confident that we will create even more impact across our province in years to come.

Carrie Cussons
President & CEO

Mayor Mike Savage

This past year was a spectacular year at the Halifax Convention Centre. From awesome galas to meaningful fundraisers and community events, the Convention Centre was bustling with visitors from across the province and around the world. I was honoured to host an International Student Reception for new folks to the province, who we welcome as the region continues to grow. It was a pleasure to host the annual State of the Municipality and attend many events throughout the year that enrich our business community, keep our local restaurants and hotels busy, and generate economic impact for the city and province. The Halifax Convention Centre is truly the Centre of our city – now and into the future.

Mike Savage
Mayor, Halifax Regional Municipality

Susan Corkum-Greek

2023-2024 has been a tremendous year for the Halifax Convention Centre. This world-class facility attracted a wide range of diverse local, national, and international events and conferences. Across Nova Scotia we are seeing the economic and community benefits of this facility. The Halifax Convention Centre is an incredible Nova Scotia ambassador with strong local programing and a locally inspired menu. More than 80 local businesses from all regions of Nova Scotia are now Convention Centre suppliers. These partnerships introduce quality products made here at home to thousands of guests who visit from all over the world. By engaging our local businesses and communities – our friends, family, and neighbours – the Convention Centre supports employment, growth, and new opportunities across our province. We should all feel proud about that.

Honourable Susan Corkum-Greek
Minster of Economic Development